Packages are available for Tahoe Home Interiors, Kitchen and Bath Design, Commercial Design, Hospitality and Health Care Design and more…

Design Scapes always works with your best interest in mind by solving your design challenges, and prefers not to work by profiting from selling products, which can undoubtedly “limit creativity”. That is why Design Scapes has chosen to work and design at an agreed upon hourly rate, or a flat rate for the whole job!

A significant amount of time goes into accomplishing a good design and a great Tahoe home interior. The following is a breakdown of some of our services to help in deciphering your needs. This design menu can be customized to create a Design Package that suits your needs by selecting the help you want with your project. We can customize a whole design package for you, or work by an hourly rate to suit your needs!

Available Services:


Determining what the client desires, needs, and budget.

Plan Review

Reviewing or working with your architectural plans for efficiency and/or adding special effects. Catering to ADA, or special home interior needs.

Selecting kitchen appliances

Creating awareness of what’s available in the marketplace, and striving for longer lasting value.

Reviewing or Creating the rough flow plan

Showing the client the traffic patterns for efficiency and adjacency.

Cabinetry design

Measuring and sketching rough cabinet layouts for pricing with various showrooms or custom cabinet shops that supply cabinetry within your budget.

Layout, wall elevations

Illustrating for the client on paper how cabinetry or a custom wall elevation will look on a hand drawn floor plan layout and wall elevations to scale.

Storage review

Planning with the client storage and cabinet needs to fully utilize all areas for space.

Tahoe Home Interiors Shopping Resources

Supplying samples or taking the client to view various options at showrooms.

Reviewing lighting, electrical and mechanical plans

Suggesting optional outlets, switching and lighting/plumbing fixtures, and locations.

Reviewing bids from fabricators and contractors

Help to clarify the contract work to be done to avoid change orders.

Following through on complete job oversight until completion

Oversee the project installation and answer contractors’ questions to eliminate their guesswork.

Plumbing fixtures & Decorative Hardware

Choose from the wide variety of Sinks and Faucets, door and drawer hardware.

Tile / Stone Layouts

Create custom tile and stone designs for any home interior; calculate the amount of material needed, design templates or layout for special back splashes, floor designs, wall designs, etc.

Custom Shower Enclosures/Tub surrounds

Oversee the templating of slab counter tops, seams, walls, custom glass enclosures, cast, etched, leaded, or stained glass designs.

Wall Coordination

Coordinate design components of color and/or seaming, with paint, plaster, stucco, stone, wood, wallpaper, stenciling, murals and faux finishes to smooth transitions and provide cohesiveness in open areas or transition areas. Custom wall finish designs also available!

Lighting Design

Creating an ambiance by layering ambient, task and accent lighting to meet your lighting needs. Designing lighting overlay diagrams, outlets and switching.

Window Treatments: Free Estimates!!!

Provide measuring and quote for “hard window coverings” at no charge to client. Provide custom fabrication and set up installation of custom window coverings to provide energy efficiency, glare and privacy control while pulling together the style of your interior.

Furnishing/Accessories/Color: designed only by the hour

Shop/order furniture and/or custom fabrics, artwork, and area rugs to provide finishing touches. Room color consultations. Feng Shui Consultations. Reviewing clients sample selections.

Residential Living areas and bedrooms: designed only by the hour

Ordering products and scheduling delivery and/or installation