Packages available for Residential Design, Commercial Design, Hospitality Interior Design, and Health Care

Design Scapes always works with your best interest in mind by solving your design challenges, and prefers not to work by profiting from selling products, which can undoubtedly “limit creativity”. That is why Design Scapes has chosen to work and design at an agreed upon hourly rate, or a flat rate for the whole job! A significant amount of time goes into accomplishing a good design. The following is a breakdown of the process for designing kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, entertainment centers, bars, laundry rooms and fireplaces. This design menu can be customized and combined to create a Design Package for each area that suits your needs by selecting the help you need with your design process or choosing a whole design package for a flat rate:

*Hours are approximate depending on project size and scope.

Example of a Residential Design Package